The company was established in 1985 and has been in the business for more than 20 years. Our goal has always been customer first, great service efficiency and safe environment as our highest principle, which has gain our customers' trust and support.

  Our company has feels the change of the trend of the times towards diversification. Specifically combined cargo logistics and warehousing together in order to provide more efficient warehousing services.

  After many years of experience in professional services, our company employees have continuously improving from learning from mistakes and turn failure into success with strict management, good quality drivers, cordial attitude, strict discipline and uphold customer/time efficiency first service concept.

龍達 and related businesses for the clear future development

  • ●  Offer premium and quality of logistics services to customers.
  • ●  Provide a wide range of services with different customer needs.
  • ●  Provide great cargo handling and keep cargo in perfect shape when loading and unloading cargos.
  • ●  Establish a broad partnership, providing a powerful driving force for the enterprise and continuous improvement of management system.
  • ●  Loyalty, quality service is always our commitment. 

Cars Introductio

Trailers 35 tons

  • ●  10 wheels trailer can load upto 43 tons (include car weight) 
  • ●  6 wheels trailer can load upto 35 tons (include car weight) 


  • ●  20 tons 
  • ●  15 tons 
  • ●  10.5 tons